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Next stop in the journey of wellness is the brand new scented body care, created with a rich and delicate formulation that completes and elevates the magical sensations already experienced with the body wash. Almond oil and vitamin E enhance and enrich this natural and precious formulation completely free from parabens, alcohol and dyes. An extremely pleasant and absorbable texture gives a soft, silky and at the same time nourishing effect to the touch.


Not just a simple body lotion, but a real perfume in body cream able to give you a magical and unparalleled sensorial experience. When this wellness action is combined with the Aim To Body Wash, the experience becomes unique and sublime.


smells like


purity and cleanliness 


top notes: Tea, Blackberry, Bergamot

heart notes: Rose, Jasmine and Geranium

base notes: Cedar, Sandalwood and Musk


Flawless. Gentle. Comforting.


  • Clean Cosmetics
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • 100% Armenian

Aim To Glow Body Care Nothing But Purity

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